Thank a Vet!

I have always feel a little weird about my status as a veteran. I joined the military to spite my father and pay for college. It was an unsuccessful endeavor on both accounts. I only spent 8 years in the army and chose to end it after my first contract. I spent one year deployed in a relatively safe space in northern Iraq during a relatively safe time during the “war”. But as a veteran I feel like sometimes I get to have a voice and today might be that day. You can thanks veterans till you are red in the face. You can gush about them defending your freedom. But you have the responsability to defend your fellow citizens freedom too. Today along with thanking a vet, take the time to educate yourselves about your local issues and politicians. Get familiar with the people that write your laws. The biggest threat to democracy isn’t terrorists, it’s an uneducated, disinterest, apathetic population. If it feels overwhelming start small, pick two or three issues, or just review some lessons from history, make one phone call, reach out to someone that has different beliefs or priorities than you…but Do something. Protect the democracy and the freedoms that many men and woman have died defending. That’s the best thank you you can give a vet.

H. Frankie Denruyter