Oppose GOP Tax Plan

Please call or write to our Senators about the GOP Tax Plan.

Senator Lisa Murkowski:                Senator Dan Sullivan:
DC 202-224-6665                          DC 202-224-3004
You can email them via the US Senate website.

Below is the letter I sent to Senator Murkowski:

First, I want to congratulate you on putting your constituents before your party in the matter of healthcare. That is far too rare in Congress these days. I applaud your courage and integrity in speaking out and taking a public stand against a bad piece of legislation.
It is time for you to do the same thing again. The GOP tax plan would be a serious financial blow to the majority of the people in your state. Further, the GOP’s newest plan-to pay for their corporate tax cuts by drastically reducing the number of Americans with health-insurance coverage-is even more egregious. The estimated $200 billion increase to the already staggering federal deficit should not be balanced on the backs of the 13 million citizens who would end up uninsured due to the removal of the individual mandate, either by choice or because their premiums would increase so drastically that they would be forced to drop coverage.
You cannot seriously accept the sophomoric argument that somehow the corporations, who benefit hugely from the proposed tax cuts, would suddenly change their profits-over-people policies in such a way to compensate employees, consumers, and the general population for loss of write-offs and the increase in their tax burden. You cannot support this plan, not and keep your status as a voice for the people. Please, Lisa, continue to stand up for us, seek to develop a bi-partisan and common sense tax reform plan, preserve healthcare for us all, and encourage your fellow senators to let go of the unproductive and unpopular goal of destroying anything associated with President Obama.

Signed, Terri Robbins