Contact Alaska’s Senators-Stop the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill

This is taken from a FaceBook post by Steve Williams:

I started my day with apple pie, and am ending it watching baseball and writing this post. I doubt I could be more American today, unless John Wayne rose from the grave and tucked me in tonight.
As an American, I ask you to reach out to your senators (especially Alaskans) and tell them to not support the Graham-Cassidy Health Care bill. It will gut medicaid. It will cover fewer people. It will hurt the disabled and children. It is definitely Un-American, and should be viewed as a selfish grab, robbing many Americans a chance at the American Dream.
Having Medicaid drastically reduced may not affect you today, but I guarantee, you, or a loved one will be affected in the future. In Bush Alaska, Medicaid can pay for travel for medical care. It helps pay for rural clinics in bush Alaska, and rural communities in the rest of the US. With diminished dollars for Medicaid, or no Medicaid dollars at all, people who live on, and fish the Yukon, hunt and live on Chichagof Island, will have less health care available locally, and will have to pay more to travel to Juneau or Fairbanks, away from family, for health care. Life is already more challenging in Alaska, losing Medicaid dollars will make it more challenging for all, and close to impossible for many.
Fewer Americans will be covered by insurance, if this bill is passed. There will be less money for all, and there is no guarantee Medicaid dollars have to cover all low income people in your state. And your state can opt out of many protections you currently enjoy under Obamacare. Like preexisting conditions, or premium price controls.
Over one third of all children are covered by some measure of Medicaid. It pays for over half of all births. (New York Times, How Medicaid Works, and Who It Covers, June 23rd, 2017). Children’s Hospitals count on Medicaid dollars to improve the lives of their young patients. With cuts to medicaid, we are hindering future generations by first not funding the health care which can help make them contributing, tax-paying citizens, and second, saddling their families with crippling hospital bills, not able to achieve the American Dream.
Please call your Senators (especially you Alaskans!), and ask them to vote no on this anti-health care bill.
Let’s make America a land of opportunity and health care for all, not just for those that can afford it.

Go to their websites to submit emails.
Or call: (202) 224-3004 Sullivan (202) 224-6665 Murkowski