Call Our Congressional Delegation-Stop TrumpCare 2.0

Republicans in Congress are back with a new health care reform bill and it is even scarier than before. Among other things, it will:

-charge higher premiums to Americans with preexisting conditions;
-opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s essential health benefits requirement; and
-charge older Americans significantly higher premiums.

CONTACT the Republicans in our federal delegation and ask them to fight back against this attack on the American people:

Senator Lisa Murkowski:
Anchorage 907-271-3735
Fairbanks 907-456-0233
Juneau 907-586-7277
Mat-Su Valley 907-376-7665
DC 202-224-6665

Senator Dan Sullivan:
Anchorage 907-271-5915
Fairbanks 907-456-0261
Juneau 907-586-7277
Mat-Su Valley 907-357-9956
DC 202-224-3004

Representative Don Young:
Anchorage 907-271-5978
Fairbanks 907-456-2010
DC 202-225-5765
If they’re not going to stand up and fight for us, who will?