Whew! What a Caucus!

The District 36 caucus is closed and I want to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who helped make it such an amazing event! I can’t even begin to list everyone who answered my call for help in advance AND on the spot while the caucus was happening. I also want to thank the folks in Wrangell and Hydaburg who ran the caucuses at those sites.
I was thrilled! We had 276 participants, district wide. Bernie Sanders garnered 10 delegates. Hillary Clinton garnered two. For the first time in my experience, District 36 not only filled all the delegates slots but had a full slate of alternates as well. Well done, people!
It was even more gratifying to have our election of local officers. Again, for the first time in my experience, every position was filled and some of them were even contested races! After I get the paperwork that gives me correct spelling of names, I will post our new slate of officers. For now, I will just say a very heartfelt thanks.
I saw new faces, in the rain and working to make important decisions, and am very encouraged about the future of our local party. Let’s keep this ball rolling.